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Grand National 18" Aluminum Rims


Your 79 (Small emblem) (1980-81) larger EL Camino / Malibu has a plastic emblem from the factory. GM created this emblem not planning on the car to become a classic and staying around this long. The plastic grill emblem GM part number ( XXXXXXX) is now produced by GBP in metal. No more trying to find a good emblem that the chrome plating is pitted or green. If you do, more than likely the stud will break removing or installing. You could glue it, but you put so much energy into making it right. You could pay $300+ for a NOS unit that will go bad in 5 years. Our metal unit - in 5 years buff the metal and paint it again if you have to. It is a forever emblem. Buy it once and be done.
Coming soon.

Late October 4 speed Lightning Rod shifters.

November Lightning Rod shifter plates and matching ash tray covers with Brushes.

81-87 Regal Limited 81-88 Brougham 442 Wide chrome top of door molding trim

Available May 15, 2018

Chevy Monte Carlo, Malibu and El Camino Dash Assembly with Speakers

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