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Guide to Weatherstripping

General Weatherstripping Information

Weatherstripping is specifically designed to fill factory gaps and seams, separate parts, and eliminate air noise and water leaks. When reassembling your car, care must be taken not to eliminate the factory gaps. An assembly and shop manual will be very valuable explaining how to adjust your doors, glass and fenders to the proper specifications.

Have you ever opened your door and it drops? When you replace your old door rubber with new weatherstripping be sure to check the door’s hinge pins. This is critical in aligning your doors. If you open your door and it drops, the hinge pins are worn and should be replaced to align the door properly. If you didn’t buy your car new, several adjustments may have already been made. You may also need to make adjustments to your windows. Check your assembly manual, call your local dealer or email GBodyParts tech department direct for technical assistance.

T-Top Weatherstripping includes 3 critical seals. The Glass Seals attach to the T-Top glass panel itself. These seals help keep the wind noise from your glass to your t-top. The Main Body Seals attach to the body of the car providing critical protection from rain and wind noise. Anti-Rattle (auxillary) Seals run along the top plate and the center section. This is a must when replacing your t-top seals. When the t-top is removed this is glued to the top plate and center section.

Dew Sweeps (dew sweeps, beltline moldings, beltline weatherstrips, window fuzzies, cat whisker, window felts). There are two dew sweeps weatherstrips on each door. Inner sweeps run along the interior beltline of a door. Outer sweeps weatherstrips run along the interior beltline.

Lower Door Seals are attached to the door of the vehicle using clips, fasteners, glues or fit into a channel. These seals protect your car's interior from rain, as well as sealing out wind noise and eliminating rattles. If you sometimes feel like your doors are not completely shut due to the noise, weatherstripping can help. This “wind noise” is often caused by worn-out door weatherstripping. New weatherstripping is easy to install. It solves the “wind noise” problem and looks great.

Trunk Seals are weatherstrips that rest on the trunk of a car and are installed in the channel around the trunk. These will protect your trunk compartment from rain and moisture. During rain, if you get water in your trunk, this will cause mildew, rust and damage. Old, cracked and flattened trunk weatherstrip can be a real eyesore as well as a source of leaks. Also, old rotting rubber can become porous, holding rust-causing moisture in the groove around your trunk. New trunk weatherstrip will protect your trunk from water damage and rust, as well make the appearance more appealing.

Roof Rail Seals (hard top seals) seals are installed on the body of the car and protect your interior from rain and the elements. Roofrail weatherstrips seal the area along the roofline and down the side windows on hardtops. Since roofrail weatherstrips are always exposed to the elements, they are often badly decayed and cracked. These rubber seals are important, as they support the side windows, keep out rain and wind and add a detailed appearance to your car.

Hood to Cowl Seals (engine compartment seals) are weatherstrips that manage air flow between the hood and the engine compartment. Installs on the cowl and seals the hood to the cowl.

Hood insulation has two very important jobs to fulfill on your car. It muffles harsh engine noises and enhances the new car look of your engine compartment when the hood is raised.

Rubber Bumpers GBodyParts rubber bumpers are a perfect solution for eliminating annoying rattles! They are designed to properly align components, eliminating those annoying rattles. These small parts perform a critical function by assuring proper fit and alignment of major components, prevent impact damage and add to the appearance of a detailed car.

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